RALS WHITE | 13/14 Northstar

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Rals White showing us to play the cards you were dealt with, especially when that comes to Tahoe’s previous season which was not par. Honestly, the worst year ever. Lucky for the YDKS kids that Northstar has one of the best snow making systems in¬†California keeping them up and off the dirt, for most of winter.


“Although Tahoe didnt get much snow this season, we were still able to make an edit from Northstar that I am super stoked to finally drop. Big thanks to Michael Sol Sproehnle for puttin this bad boy together with the help of Shawn Howe.”

I’m guessing he’s getting some mid-summer crises to drop a bangin’ short season edit like this one in July. ¬†Smooth butter on hot cakes, Mr. White.

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