VIDEO: Yosemite Boss Out of Work After Driving Golf Balls into Protected Meadow

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Michael Grisar, who was vice president of operations at Yosemite National Park, is currently out of work after a video of him driving golf balls into the protected Ahwahnee Meadow appeared online.

The video, uploaded to Instagram by his wife and since removed, shows Grisar hitting the balls into the beautiful meadow under the watchful gaze of Half Dome in the background.

“We are aware of the video and have spoken with the individual, who has apologized and acknowledges using poor judgment. We have great respect for Yosemite National Park and expect all of our employees to uphold the rules and regulations that are in place to preserve and protect it.”

– David Freireich, corporate spokesman

Hitting golf balls into a park meadow is considered littering. However, had Grisar retrieved the balls he would have trampled a protected meadow that is being restored.

95% of Yosemite is designated wilderness. The meadows are vulnerable ecosystems and soak up and filter water from melting snowpack, most of which serves San Francisco.

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4 thoughts on “VIDEO: Yosemite Boss Out of Work After Driving Golf Balls into Protected Meadow

  1. Train the bison to shag balls! (If they’re allowed to graze there) Put the boss man back to work.

  2. We love tearing people down..
    America’s favorite past time.

    I mean really? You had to fire this guy?
    Please tell me there was a bigger issue somewhere that their not telling us.

    Karma to those who complained and fired him.

  3. Are you freakin kidding me? Retrieving the golf ball would “trample” the meadow? IT’S A MEADOW. It was meant to be trampled.

  4. Ahhh the snowflakes are eating their own for violations cited by the PC Police. Poetic!

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