YouTube Star Died When His Parachute Failed to Open While Filming a Stunt for his Channel

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Ruben Carbonell, 29

A 29-year-old YouTube star died while filming a stunt for his channel. Spaniard Ruben Carbonell and his friend sneaked into a cement factory and jumped from the Fontcalent building in San Vicente del Raspeig in Alicante, Spain 1 am yesterday morning. Ruben jumped first, his parachute failed to open, and he plummeted 150-foot to his death.

The aim was to record the jump and post it on his YouTube channel dedicated to extreme sports. A friend with him at the time raised the alarm when he crashed to the ground, dying instantly.

An investigation is underway to find out how the pair broke into the cement factory and managed to climb up the 150-foot tall chimney.

The victim specialized in risk sports with his YouTube videos showing him jumping from a bridge, as well as paragliding and parachuting.

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