2013/14 Squaw Valley Highlight Video: “You Won’t…”

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I would like to give a little history of Squaw Valley for those who have yet to visit this majestic land.

Jamo and Robbie getting weird in Granite…

Once upon a time there was a great valley located on the westerly edge of Pangea. The valley was known as Squaw by the residing dinosaurs. The winters would bring great snow to the mountains and fed a majestic lake of over 1000 feet in depth.

Day-Day shredding pow under the lift.
They were named the light towers by the dinos for the brilliant sunrises.

The dinos feasted on much of the lush vegetation and trees of Squaw Valley. Trees were also used for shelter during the harsh winter months. The dinos were very good at clear-cutting certain areas of the mountain and were always mindful of future generations.

Fox skiing the Chimney Sweep.

Unknowingly, the dinos were creating a perfect mountain for skiers and riders alike. When Wayne Paulson arrived in the early 1940s and started shredding, the dinos knew it wouldn’t be long before the valley was overrun by humans.

Fox sending Goodwills.

All but one dino known as Tessie headed north for lusher trees and more majestic peaks. Tessie still lives by the lake to this very day.

More light towers.

Last season, my friend Aaron Fox and I were fortunate enough to ski this legendary mountain known as Squaw. We rode on chairlifts to ascend the mountain and they now use helicopters to remove the trees that the dinos once feasted on. It was a pretty neat experience!


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