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by Skimac

December 13, 2014

With none of the lifts running in Zürs and only 3 lifts down the road in Lech, we decided for a tour from the valley (1716 m) to just below the top of the Trittkopf (2423 m), about a 600 m (about 2000 ft) vertical journey.


About 2/3 up, we get a glimpse of the possibility for powder turns on the way down. It encouraging, as we encountered many rocks and bare spots up to this point.


The snow was sparse and thin and we tried to find the quickest way up the mountain, since the days are quite short this time of the year here and we got a late start. The views are really spectacular and the picture below shows you the possibilities this area has to offer with a few more feet of snow.


Close to the top, we get a good idea where the best powder was and what line to take with the least amount of obstacles. After spending 15 minutes at the top and taking pictures, the wind picked up fiercely and we hurried down the mountain to see if the powder we saw on the way up was worth the 2 hour skin.

View to the valley with Zürs in the middle-right

The top third was actually pretty awesome, not deep – but soft, skiable and there were almost no obstacles.


Here a last view from the valley floor up to the top of the Trittkopf. Overall an enjoyable excursion, and a quick alternative to skiing mostly man-made snow at the resorts. The Arlberg is beautiful and I recommend a visit to this area at all costs.


Oh, here one last shot off a poster in one of the bathrooms. When it does snow, they get hammered.


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