About SnowBrains:

SnowBrains – Built to Inspire

SnowBrains was founded in 2013 by Miles Clark. 

Miles is a mountain lover, professional freeskier, mountain guide, Alaska heli-ski guide, UC Berkeley molecular cell biology graduate, as well as founder & CEO of SnowBrains.

We are all skiers and riders first, and everything else comes second.

Our goal is to keep our friends informed & inspired in a fun, intelligent way.

Miles Clark – Founder & CEO

Miles Clark in his second home of Bariloche, Argentina, in 2019.

“I grew up in the San Francisco Bay Area playing hoops, started skiing at 18, started surfing at 20, graduated from UC Berkeley with a degree in Molecular Cell Biology, took the MCAT & got a good score, moved to Tahoe, bailed on medical school, started ski bumming, never looked back.”

– Miles Clark

  • Graduate of the University of California at Berkeley – Major in Molecular Cell Biology, minor in Egyptology
  • Editor-in-Chief at UnofficialNetworks.com, 2010-2012 – Took their traffic from 30K pageviews/month to 1.8M pageviews/month in my first 16 months there
  • Mountain & Ski Guide – I’ve guided for Rainier Mountaineering Inc., St. Elias Alpine Guides, Ice Axe Expeditions, SASS Global Travel, and independently.  Guiding locations include Mt. McKinley, Alaska; El Pico de Orizaba, Mexico; Mt. Rainier, WA (50+ summits); Antarctica (x7); Svalbard (x3); Yosemite, Patagonia, Denali National Park’s Ruth Gorge, Alaska; Wrangell-St. Elias National Park, Alaska; Haines, Alaska; Valdez, Alaska; Japan, and more…
  • Alaska Heliski GuideI work in Valdez, AK, for Pulseline Adventures in the best ski terrain on Earth. We guide in the Chugach and Tordrillo mountains, and there is no better skiing on this planet 🙂
  • Professional Freeskier – I work with great companies, and I’ve been fortunate to ski in Alaska, Antarctica, Svalbard, France, Switzerland, Italy, Argentina, Chile, Japan, Canada, every Western US state, and more
  • Low-level Amateur Surfer.  I’ve nearly drowned in NorCal, SoCal, BajaCal, Maldives, Oahu, Kauai, Costa Rica, Nicaragua, El Salvador, Brazil, Chile, Ecuador, Peru, Indonesia, France, & Spain
Miles Clark in Jackson Hole, WY, in March 2020. image: Sasha Motivala

Steven Agar – Chief Operating Officer

Dutch courage before Spring Splash at Winter Park, CO. Credit: SnowBrains

I came late to skiing, my first trip was to the French Alps with school when I was 14, followed by two more trips the following two years. My lasting memory of those trips is pointing my skis downhill and tucking from top to bottom as often as I could, jacket probably billowing in the wind, much to the chagrin of our instructor. It wasn’t until a trip to the Cairngorms in Scotland 20-years later that the bug took hold. That trip was followed by a week in Winter Park, CO, a week in Banff, AB, and two weeks in Winter Park, CO in consecutive years.

That final trip, which was supposed to be two weeks, was cut short due to, ironically, snow at London Heathrow. During the trip, my partner and I met another English couple who’d moved out there, and when I exclaimed, “I wish we could do that,” he replied, “What’s stopping you?”. That single interaction began a chain reaction of events that saw us sell our house, cars, most of our possessions, quit our high-flying careers, and become ski bums. ‘Just one winter’ in Winter Park became ten and has now become a lifestyle. Ski bum for life!

  • University – BA (Hons) Tourism and Management
  • 15 years managing in retail and hospitality – working up to 60 hours a week, skiing 6 days a year, banking coin but being generally miserable.
  • Editor in Chief at SnowBrains.com, 2017-present – I started as an intern at SnowBrains in July of 2017. I took the internship as it gave me the opportunity to do something I’d never done before––write––about a subject I’m passionate about. The internship led to paid editorials in December 2017, followed by part-time editor in January 2018, full-time editor in September 2018, Editor in Chief from February 2019, and more recently, Chief Operating Officer from October 2023.
  • Ski bum – Since 2010. Being able to work from a laptop anywhere in the world opens up a host of opportunities. I haven’t managed to make this fully work for me yet, but I’m trying! As long as I ski all winter and hopefully soon add in summer, then I’m happy. The goal is always 100+ days a season.
  • Competitive runner – Running started as a way to keep fit for ski season but has since turned into another passion. Training almost daily, nothing beats running and racing in the hills and fells of the UK’s Lake District. 
  • Reading, guitar, yoga, Leeds United  – For downtime, I love to read and am currently working my way through the ‘classics’ shelf at the local library. Yoga is great for run recovery, and I started learning guitar in March 2020 when the first lockdowns struck. I’m still very much a beginner! Love watching Leeds United, which for the last three years has actually been fun.
Running in the fells. For fun. Credit: SnowBrains

Martin Kuprianowicz – Editor in Chief

Martin in New Mexico in 2020—where he grew up skiing and his favorite place on Earth.
  • Graduate of the University of Utah – Major in Communication
  • Senior Editor at SnowBrains.com, 2019-present – I started off as an intern at SnowBrains in May of 2019. I took the internship because it was an excellent way for me to ski, write, and get published. Before I knew it, I was hired as Editor in the fall of 2019.
  • Ski is life – I’ve been skiing since I was two when I would rip around in between my father’s legs. I grew up skiing in Ruidoso, New Mexico. My life has been a pursuit of fresh powder snow ever since, which is how I ended up moving from West Texas to Salt Lake City in 2016 and never left. The Wasatch is my home now.
  • Avid reader and writer – My two “other” passions outside of skiing. I have a personal blog called The Big Defluorinated. I speak three languages—English, Polish, and Spanish. 
  • Surfing, mountain biking, rock climbing, yoga—really anything that can make me go fast or give me a good workout, preferably outside.  These are just things I like to do when it isn’t ski season.
Martin in his natural habitat somewhere in Utah.

Connor Frazier – Account Manager

Connor holding up his broken ski after getting bit by a shark skiing Hollows Couloir.
  • Graduate of Truman State University – Major in Visual Communications minor in Printmaking.
  • Account Manager at SnowBrains.com, 2022-present. I started working for SnowBrains at the beginning of the 2022 season and have been enjoying the fast-paced laptop lifestyle ever since.
  • Professional Tennis Instructor 2019 – Current – I played my first tennis tournament when I was in first grade. Through this lifelong obsession with the sport, I had the opportunity to play in college and make it a career. Tennis brought me to Salt Lake City, where I now try and enjoy the mountains in as many ways as possible.
  • Skiing – I skied a few times in Colorado as a kid, but growing up in Missouri, I would only get that little taste of the mountains. As an adult, I am trying to make up for lost time by backcountry skiing with Martin as much as possible.
  • FPV Drone Pilot – I have now built, crashed, and rebuilt two 5-inch Freestyle FPV drones. Now have made them almost waterproof, and you may see me in the mountains looking like a bug staring into the sky.
  • In the warm months, you will find me paragliding, rock climbing, fixing my drone, and asking my girlfriend to slow down on our hikes in the Wasatch Range.
Connor looking like a bug in the mountains.

Julia Schneemann — Senior Editor

I do not cross boundaries, but you might find me right at the edge…
  • European Business Program – BA in Business
    NYU Stern — Masters in Risk Management
  • Editor at SnowBrains.com since 2023 – I started off as an intern at SnowBrains in July of 2022. It was love at first keystroke. I just love writing, and my dream is to one day publish books.
  • Globetrotting skier – I love to ski, and I love to travel, so my dream is to one day ski in all sixty countries in the world that you can ski in. I split my time between Europe and Australia.
  • I love the mountains, but I also love the ocean. When I’m not skiing or snowboarding, I love to swim, snorkel, paddle board, or do dragon boating. I do yoga almost every day, and I sing in a community choir that raises funds for victims of domestic violence.
I am not sure how I got here.. or where to go from here… it’s kinda my life motto.