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At our main goal is to provide you, the viewer, with the greatest, the most interesting, and the most original action sports content.  And because we exist to serve you (not the other way around) we won’t be collecting your personal information and selling it to other corporations.

When you enter your email in the comment box its private.  Heck, we don’t even require an email address in the comments, so post away under an anonymous screen name (but save the hate for other places on the internet, please).  If you decide to subscribe to our mailing list, you will be receiving SnowBrains news – that’s it.  No spam, no unwanted solicitation, just pure original content that we hope you, the viewer, will enjoy.

At we use Google Analytics to track content and see what content does well in what region, but this information is all anonymous and can never be linked back to you.   Again, this is simply part of our efforts to better serve you.

SnowBrains Privacy Policay at a Glance

  • We will never sell your private information
  • Joining our email list is confidential, and solely for SnowBrains content
  • Email in comment area is private and also optional

If you have further questions regarding our Privacy Policy please feel free to contact us at

As our policy evolves we will inform you, the user via email, and you can always check back here for the latest changes.

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  1. Could I use images of your website for non commercial purpose for educative powerpoint slides mentioning your website under the image?

  2. Hello, good morning! I’m Cristian Macouzet a Film Student from VFS (Vancouver Film School). Right now I’m producing a no budget shortfilm and I saw that you have pretty cool pictures of mountains. I wonder if you would let me use the picture of the Mt. Everest to put it in my film? Thank you very much!


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