Miles Clark

Co-Founder of SnowBrains, UC Berkeley graduate - molecular cell biology major, professional freeskier, professional mountain guide. Skiing, surfing, guiding, travel, writing, and language float my boat.

Aaron Rice

Professional backcountry skier attempting to earn and ski 2.5 Million Vertical Feet in a year and break the current record. Follow along on instagram:

Jesse Cassidy

Skier. Biker. Professional Fun Seeker.

Amelia Traynor

whiskey drinker + mountain enthusiast.

Casey Cane

I'm 900 years old, have three children, a wife, and on occasion love a Heineken Light. Skiing is FUN, so why not record video and take pictures while having FUN? Tahoe commuting is my game. I once broke 1 million points on Robotron (Arcade) ...but that's not very special to the 'pros.'

Eric Bryant

Skier. Interwebber. Blogger.