105-Year-Old Sets World Record at Jackson Hole Mountain Resort, WY, as Oldest Person to Tandem Paraglide

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You’re never too old to fly. Credit: JHMR YouTube

105-year-old Fred Miles is now the world record holder for the oldest person to go tandem paragliding. Earlier this month, with service from Jackson Hole Paragliding and help from Teton Adaptive Sports, Fred took to the skies on a beautiful morning at Jackson Hole Mountain Resort.

Miles is a military veteran and passionate aviator. He served in the Air Force for 28 years and retired as a lieutenant colonel. He was a fighter pilot in World War II, so he is no stranger to flying.

In the video below documenting the feat, it appears Miles didn’t even know he was going to break the record nor even think many people would care. It is clear he just wanted to experience flying again as he says, “Wow, what do you know, we’re in heaven,” as he is gliding along. He then compliments his tandem partner on a smooth landing.

Congratulations Fred; we wish you well as you continue to thrive in your mid-100s. 

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