110 Humans Needed to Colonize Mars. You In?

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walking in space
Taking an after-dinner stroll. PC: Mars Terraforming Corporation

As the planet barrels faster and faster towards environmental collapse, humans will start to feel the pressure to acquire a proverbial Earth 2.0. Given our rate of technological advancement, it is reasonable that a strong effort to reach Mars, our planetary neighbor, will happen within the century.

how do astronauts breathe in space
Engineers will be crucial for constructing oxygen-filled bubble homes. PC: Mars Terraforming Corporation

A new study published out of The Bordeaux Institut National Polytechnique says we’ll need 110 people to sustain a human community on Mars. This estimation comes from Jean-Marc Salotti, an expert in Collaborative Robotics, Astronautics, Artificial Intelligence, Human Systems Integration, and Human Spaceflight.

how will humans live on mars
Bolting sport routes will not be allowed at Mars crags. Gravity factor may allow humans to send 5.20. PC: Mars Terraforming Corporation

The two main categories Salotti analyzed were logistics of the internal organization of supplies, and engineering issues because everyone will be living in a bubble. Beyond that, considerations were made for what living conditions are acceptable, agriculture choices, industry, healthcare system, and resource distribution and organization.

He also assumes Earth has been cut off due to war and demise, that resources may run out in the community, and that settlers may eventually declare independence on Mars. 

Maybe you could sneak onboard into the cargo bay, but I doubt it.

nasa space ship
NASA space shuttle ready to launch, though new space travel is shifting towards private companies. PC: Heritage Images/Hulton Archive/Getty Images
The original paper by Salotti can be found here: https://www.nature.com/articles/s41598-020-66740-0

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3 thoughts on “110 Humans Needed to Colonize Mars. You In?

  1. literally one of the stupidest concept ever!

    Earthlings – “Well since we proved we suck at taking care of this planet, eff it, let’s go try again somewhere else.” what intelligent human being thinks it’s a better plan to try and terraform a new planet, than just make better choices and fix this planet we are on now?! this planet is so unique and suited for life, and it’s only our arrogance that is the threat to it. If humans were more humble and used less resources and actually thought about their actions instead of being selfish jerks, we could have a nice place to live. Did you notice how quickly the air cleared out once all us dumb humans stopped polluting it while sheltering in place? see the earth just needs people to not be selfish, and we could all have a nice place to live… instead waste our resources trying to get to mars……. SMH. seriously if you think this is the best way to fix our issues, i am genuinely scared of, and for you.

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