2 Skiers Suffer Serious Injuries After Inbounds Avalanche at Las Leñas, Argentina

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Two people were rescued and hospitalized on Sunday after triggering and getting caught in an inbounds avalanche at Las Leñas ski resort in Argentina, local media is reporting.

“There was an avalanche and so far there are two injured who were transferred to the Malargüe hospital, and police personnel with personnel from the complex are still being searched at the scene.”

– commissioner of the South District, Miguel Sánchez

The avalanche occurred at 3:00 pm local time between the Venus and Neptuno slopes. The two skiers had descended the expert Ceñidor slope and triggered the avalanche. After an intense search, authorities report there are no further missing or lost persons.

Lenas trail map with Neptuno on the left.

One of the victims, 60-years-old, was diagnosed with cerebral hypoxia due to asphyxiation caused by snow crushing. He suffered a fracture of the tibial plate of the right knee and was admitted to intensive care for neurological and pulmonary function and pain monitoring. The second victim was a 42-year-old male patient, suffering with polytrauma, loss of consciousness, and mild trauma to the left ankle. He was hospitalized for observation in a medical clinic.

Both patients are stable and are natives of Buenos Aires.

Map showing location of Las Lenas, Argentina in South America.

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