2015 Likely To Be HOTTEST Year on Record

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Hot summer indeed
Hot summer indeed

This last summer was a hot one everywhere. Combined with a low snow pack this winter things were left very dry out there. In the Northwest, it seems as if summer is trying to stick around even longer. In the Willamette Valley we have only had a few days with any real rain this September and October.

This was the hottest summer ever recorded since the records began in 1880. The planet is starting to overheat. That’s the bottom line. There are no more ways to deny climate change anymore. The only ones who won’t admit that climate change is real, is the Fox News Network; who calls it “the hoax that costs us $4 Billion a day.” With summers that now seem to start in May and go into November, it’s pretty hard to deny that climate change is here to rapidly destroy our winters, especially on the West Coast.

Screen Shot 2015-10-29 at 10.32.59 AM Screen Shot 2015-10-29 at 10.33.06 AM

September 2015 was also the hottest on record. Not only that, but it was the biggest leap from the previous record of hottest September ever. 

The California drought
The California drought

The California drought was already making the news before the end of winter. Reports came in last Spring that California only had enough water for one more years supply. Will this years strong El Nino fix that? Some say yes, some say it will only cause massive flooding problems. With the way the drought is going in California, it seems easier to find water on Mars than it is in California.

The Stouts Fire in Southern Oregon. At 26,000 Acres burned, this wasn't even one of the bigger fires this summer.
The Stouts Fire in Southern Oregon. At 26,000 Acres burned, this was a small fire for this summer.

If anything was an indication of an extremely hot summer this year, it is the amount of large fires that went off this year. Over 9,000,000 Acres across the West were burned by the wildfires this summer. Does that happen on a cool summer? Don’t think so!

With a hot summer like this, we can only hope for some nice cold days in the mountains this winter. If you’re still being bogged down by the unprecedented Fall heat, like we are today in the Northwest, use the below image to cool yourself down.

Willamette Pass Backcountry. Let's hope El Nino can do this for Oregon this winter.
Willamette Pass Backcountry, Oregon. Let’s hope El Nino can do this for Oregon this winter.

No need to break the 2015 record heat anytime soon! Pray for a wet, cold, miserable winter in 2015/2016!

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3 thoughts on “2015 Likely To Be HOTTEST Year on Record

  1. 2015 may be the hottest on record, but it’s still far below what the models 15 years ago were projecting.

    However, 2015 does constitute a breakout from the plateau of those 15 years. While I still believe the models vastly overstate positive feedbacks, the case that greenhouse gas impact is zero, or that it is completely offset by negative feedbacks, is weakened.

    Undoubtedly the big El Nino (strong since May) is important, but 2015 is still 0.4C warmer than comparable El Nino 1998.

  2. Seems like the fossil fuels industry has got us by the balls in more than one way. They give money to (bribe) enough politicians to continue with subsidies AND not write legislation that would hurt the fossil fuels industry in any way, PLUS enough politicians are probably invested in fossil fuels stock, preventing them from writing legislation that may hurt their stock prices PLUS right wing media that has an interest in things remaining the same spread climate science doubt propaganda which gets enough voters to believe they are being lied to about climate change science…so we have gridlock and paralysis. I’m afraid the world will literally have to be baking before most people gamble that the scientists are right about climate change being driven by the burning of fossil fuels. When this finally happens we’d have every right to confiscate all wealth created by any fossil fuel industry that pushed deliberate denial propaganda and use it to do everything we can to reverse as much damage as we can.

  3. Seems to me that the fossil fuels industry has got us by the balls in more than one way. They give politicians enough money for reelection

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