4 Hikers Rescued in Austria After Getting Lost in a Snowfield

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Schönbichler Horn (3134 m)
The Schönbichler Horn peak (3134 m) in the Zillertal, Austria. | Picture: Summit Post Website

Four German hikers got trapped in a snowfield above 3,000m (9,840ft) altitude in the Zillertal, Austria. The four hikers aged 29-58 had set out on a multi-day hike from the Alpenrosen Hut via the Schönbichler Peak to the Furtschagl Hut. The last section of the hike, known as the Berliner Höhenweg, is known as a technically very advanced hike.

The rescue efforts by the Ginzling Mountain Rescue Team. | Picture: Ginzling Mountain Rescue Team Facebook Page

The group hit a snowfield on the last section of their hike and apparently lost sight of the hiking trail and got lost. The visibility was poor, and after getting stuck in the snow several times, the hikers realized the danger they were in and sent out a distress call. The Ginzling Mountain Rescue team set out with a helicopter but could not reach the hikers due to poor visibility. Some team members had to hike up to the hiking group and guide them back to the Furtschagl Hut at 9,678 feet (2,950m).

All hikers were unharmed, but this case illustrates how quickly the weather can change in the mountains, and the importance of seeking help at the first instance, to avoid serious harm.

The beautiful Furtschaglhaus in the Zillertal, Austria. | Picture: Furtschaglhaus Instagram Page

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