5 Activities to Keep You in Skiing Shape This Summer

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Summer skiing training
No snow no problem. Image: Waterville Valley BBTS/Jan Stearns

The best way to stay in skiing shape is, well… to ski.  But while not everyone can travel to South America or attend Momentum Camps, there are still ways to keep your skiing skills sharp this summer.  So hit the trail and jump around, you’ll thank yourself when the snow hits.

1. Mountain Biking

Mountain biking is known as one of the best cross training methods for skiing.  The two sports share much of the same physical concepts such as balance, endurance, eye-body coordination, and momentum.  Many of the same muscle groups are involved and skills easily transfer between the seasons.

Mountain biking also requires mental focus.   Both biking and skiing require that you look ahead and make split-second decisions at high speeds.  Mountain biking is the complete package when it comes to training for next season.

Mountain Biking Summer
Mountain Biking offers the perfect full body cross training for skiing. Image: Mammoth Mountain/Trek Bicycle

2. Trail Running

The same trails you bike and ski on also make the perfect playground for trail running.  Trail running is a popular activity, especially at existing ski resorts.  So popular, that running events are a summertime favorite and happen at many year-round mountain resorts.  The Under Armour Mountain Running Series and the Discrete Cirque Series are just two events in the U.S. that offer challenging terrain with positive mountain vibes.

Trail Running Summer
The Under Armour Mountain Running Series takes place at three different ski resorts around the country. Image: Under Armour Mountain Running Series

3. Rock Climbing

Rock climbing is the mother load of mental strength training.  If you can keep your cool dangling on a rock face, that mentality will carry over into your skiing.  Whether you are bouldering, trad climbing, indoors or outdoors, it gives you that extra confidence to trust your body and push the limits a little more.

Climbing summer
Climbing keeps your mental game sharp and is a great low impact workout. Image: La Sportiva/ Jacob Larcher

4. Trampoline Sessions

Jumping on a trampoline is a summer past time that could actually help your skiing in many ways.  Practicing air awareness is crucial to any skier hoping to improve their freestyle skills.  Even if you aren’t concerned with getting tricky, jumping on a trampoline can improve your overall body control.  Plus it’s about as fun as training gets.

5. Off Season Gym Workouts

Lastly, off season workouts are a great way to keep those muscles and coordination on point.  While it’s not quite the same as charging the mountain, engaging those muscle groups throughout the summer could be the difference between having to “get back into the swing of things” or showing up on opening day like you never left.


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