5th Annual Beacon Bash at Winter Park in Colorado

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beacon bash winter park, CO
5th Annual Beacon Bash, picture: Beacon Bash Facebook

The 5th Annual Beacon Bash will be held Saturday, December 10th, from 9 am to 4 pm at Winter Park, Colorado. The event will provide top-notch avalanche education, rescue skills, beacon training, and an opportunity to demo backcountry gear.

Backcountry Access, Inc (BCA) and ORTOVOX will sponsor two major beacon practice parks. These parks will be open all day and allow the perfect environment to refresh your beacon knowledge and skills.

girl practicing beacon skills
Practicing beacon skills, picture: Beacon Bash Facebook

BCA will be bringing its new electronic Float E2 airbags to demo. Weston, Karakoram, Salomon, Phantom Snow Industries, and CRSP will feature free ski, snowboard, splitboard, and bindings demos.

Along with demos and beacon practice, group tours and meet-ups will be held throughout the day. The tours will be sponsored by the Winter Park Uphill Program, Weston, Backcountry Together, SheJumps, and Women Who Splitboard. An excellent opportunity to meet new backcountry partners and pick up a few skills along the way.

If this was not enough of a bash, FlyteCo Brewing will sponsor the event and have some delicious craft beer for everyone to enjoy. To cap off the party, there will be a large gear raffle at the end of the day.

beacon bash brands and non-profits
Shoutout to all the brands and non-profit organizations supporting the event. Picture: Beacon Bash Facebook

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