9 A-Class Celebrities Our Readers Have Spotted at Ski Areas

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Rap group ‘Migos’ posing on snowmobiles! Image: Twitter

Skiing and snowboarding are sports that almost anyone can enjoy. Frequently, winter athletes ride alone, with their friends, with locals, and even with ski patrollers. The most enjoyable days, though, might be when you spot a celebrity out on the mountain. Taken from our Facebook post, these are the biggest-name celebrities that our readers have spotted skiing.

Tom Cruise

Sometimes we get to the mountain and realize it’s just not our day; this seemed to be the case when a fan approached Tom Cruise at Squaw Valley, CA. “I politely introduced myself and asked if we could take his picture. He threw a complete hissy fit, and his bodyguard threatened me”. Any day spent on the mountain is a better day than one off the mountain, but wow, this interaction with Tom Cruise seems hilarious. Maybe next time, he’ll just take the picture.

Tom Cruise
Tom Cruise skiing with a fan! Image: Gulfnews


Mountains are highly reminiscent of paradise, sometimes even a Gangsta’s Paradise. One reader “spent a powder day at Mt. Baldy with Coolio, we carried a keg together to get to the front of the lift line and told him I was a local and spent the day snowboarding fresh powpow.” Apparently, even Travis Rice can appreciate Coolio’s skill on the snowboard.

The Kardashians

Sometimes your life just turns into a reality TV show at the most unexpected moments. “They came in, and their bodyguards locked the doors without even asking permission. I went over and unlocked the doors politely, letting them know we are actually still open for business”. Another reader responded to this story by commenting that “I worked in that rental shop from 2017-2020 we would share that story with all the new guys”. To say that the Kardashians are famous would be an understatement; they’re some of the most famous people on the globe!

The Kardashians pose for a family picture on their skis in Vail, CO! Image: Instagram

Jimmy Carter

Who other than Mr. President? Several––yes, more than one––of our readers has said that they have skied with Jimmy Carter, both at Snowbird in Utah and Crested Butte, CO. Unfortunately, there aren’t stories to go along with these interactions, but you would think that some dudes in nice suits would be no further away than ten feet from him at all times. Imagine riding with a pack of secret service members, protecting you from that one guy who makes wide turns across the entire mountain.

Willie Nelson

A country music phenomenon. An activist striving for greatness. All of us can admit that Willie Nelson is a legend! “Back in the late ’70s, I was skiing at Sundance. I was listening to Astral tunes and skiing single. Somebody up front raised a pole, and I climbed on without really looking at the guys. One of them lit a joint and passed it around. Got smoked with Willie!”. 

Brad Pitt

Pitt is a pop-culture legend who has starred in world-renowned movies. He still has some things to learn, though, as one of our readers said they saw him participating in a ski lesson at Crested Butte, CO. That must have been the ski instructor’s best day of the season! Also, it seems kind of ironic to learn how to ski at an area where more of the trails are extreme (32%) than beginner (18%).

Richard Branson

A few seasons ago at Aspen Mountain, CO, I was sitting with my friends eating lunch. Surely enough, Branson sat down at the table next to us. He may not exactly be a household name, however, Branson is the founder of Virgin Group and is worth nearly $6 billion. For the rest of lunch, our only conversation revolved around what we would spend $6 billion on if it was ours. Definitely some new gear!

Richard Branson touring in the backcountry! Image: Birmingham Mail

Chris Rock

Skiing and snowboarding will always have humorous moments, but nothing would be more fun than skiing with one of the best comedians of all time. “I operated snowcats at Beaver Creek and was able to host Chris Rock in my cat for a quick ride! Great guy … I did not ski with him…but he comes up here every year. I heard from his ski instructor that he is ok, but his kids are good!”. Beaver Creek, CO, always has the most chill vibes, and Chris Rock could only make them better.

Eddie Van Halen

Music is easily the best way to hype yourself up before trying a new trick or flying off a cornice. Simply put, Van Halen is an absolute legend on the guitar. “He used to ski Park City when I was a liftie there ‘91-‘92. I’d be on the top shack and get a call from the bottom ‘Hey, Eddie Van Halen’s on chair 69’ or something to that effect. Always made it a point to be out on my ramp to say hello!!”.

So, next time you are out on the mountain, be mindful of your surroundings, and you may just run into a world-class celebrity who you have been waiting to meet.

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