Former Navy Seal Shatters Record for Skiing all Colorado’s 14,000′ Peaks by 6 Months!

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Former Navy Seal Josh Jespersen just shattered the record for skiing all of Colorado’s fifty four 14,000′ peaks by a full 6 months.

The previous record was held by Chris Davenport and was done in 12 months.

Josh’s goal was to bring awareness to his charity which wants to bring back the real meaning of Memorial Day.

“All of us climbing to chase away our past, but also climbing for our past. Then we decided why don’t we change the way we climb. So we set out on a mission. We want to inspire a dismissal of the current norm for the last Monday in May, and an embrace in a dutiful remembrance of our loved ones. The day is about honoring their sacrifice, by decoration of monuments and graves, or by form of pushing ourselves to exhaustion and fulfillment while we carry names of the fallen. MMD does this because we made it back, and we have to live, and simply for the reason that we’re living for a lot more people than ourselves. So for vets, our goal is to inspire them to get out, push yourself, live for the ones that we left behind. To non-vets we ask that you don’t be satisfied on Memorial Day because you thanked a vet for their service. The day isn’t about living service members, and that doesn’t cut it. Please find a way to make the day bigger than yourself.” – Mission Memorial Day

Learn more about this charity here: Mission Memorial Day

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2 thoughts on “Former Navy Seal Shatters Record for Skiing all Colorado’s 14,000′ Peaks by 6 Months!

    1. Is this Chris Davenport’s sock puppet posting.? No need for jealousy.

      A Navy SEAL is not a pinniped….permission to use cap locks.

      Well done Josh. Actually Josh doesn’t fit anymore….I’ll just call you Badass MFer

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