A Big Win For Chloe Kim — First Win in 22 Months

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Show Chloe Kim in gear
Professional snowboarder Chloe Kim| prweb.com

Professional snowboarder and Olympic gold medalist Chloe Kim is no stranger to the spotlight even when considering her young age and career. Chloe hasn’t competed in 22 months, but that didn’t seem to matter as she scored an 89.75 on her second run, securing herself first place in the Laax Open in Switzerland on Saturday. Chloe knew she needed to go big on her second run as she sat in fifth out of sixth due to a fall in the first run.

Professional snowboarder Chloe Kim in Switzerland| teamusa.org

Chloe wanted to try something new but knew that winning the event was far more important. The trick that pushed her into first place was a frontside 1080. She knew that she needed to slow it down and not focus so much on going big. Her instinct proved to be the right move as she stood at the top of the 2021 Laax Open halfpipe podium.

Chloe Kim is a California native who began snowboarding at the age of four at the Mountain High Resort in the San Gabriel Mountains of Los Angeles County. She started snowboarding competitively at the age of 14 and in 2018 became the youngest Olympic halfpipe gold medalist with her win at the Winter Olympics in Pyeongchang. She is well known for being the first woman to land a frontside double cork 1080 in the halfpipe and landing back-to-back 1080s in a single event.

Chloe Kim getting high five from fan
Chloe Kim at a snowboarding competition| si.com.

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