Alex Honnold Explained Climbing to Non-Climber Jimmy Kimmel

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Congratulations Alex! Your extraordinary talent inspires most and baffles some…

Including Jimmy Kimmel!

From birds bugging Alex “en route” to where it all started as “Mommies little monkey”, funny things happened when Jimmy Kimmel interviewed Alex Honnold about free soloing El Capitan.  Alex also got to meet 50 Cent on Jimmy Kimmel Live!

” Whoa! I made it on @jimmykimmel! Pretty sure you can still watch it tonight on ABC, just finished filming. Whirlwind experience. I met 50 Cent!! #kimmel ” -Alex Honnold

Alex Honnold climbed 3,000 vertical feet of the famous El Capitan wall in Yosemite Valley in less than 4 hrs without a rope or other climbing gear.  Most people take 3-4 days to climb the route and the first ascent in 1958 took 11 days and a years worth of preparations. His extraordinary feat of strength, technical ability and mental fortitude is literally mind blowing. This is one of the most intense athletic feats of the modern age.

Pro climber Tommy Caldwell said in an interview with Nat Geo that,

“This is the Moon Landing of Free Soloing”


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