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It’s Monday people, and after a brief hiatus, Music Mondays is back for your listening pleasure, cause lets face it, who doesn’t like new music. Recently a band was suggested to us that we fell in love with immediately, and we think deserves a spot on your playlist, and that band is Alt-J (∆). Hailing from Leeds, England, Alt-J delivers a fresh, mellow, and interesting sound. Described as Indie rock, experimental, and even folk rock, Alt-J is hands down one of the better bands to emerge over the last year.

Alt-J formed in 2007 and released their debut album “An Awesome Wave” in 2012 and saw immediate success in their home country of England. Over here in the states however success was a little slower, but has been picking up speed after a summer of touring and making appernces at events such as Bonnaroo, lollapalooza, and the Goveners Ball. The bands interesting name came from the symbol created when simultaneously pressing the alt and J buttons on a Mac, ∆. Alt-J brings a fresh sound to the music industry, and honestly we cant stop listening to em. Whether you’re making untracked mellow pow turns, or simply chillin at home, Alt-J is your go to band.

Best Tracks

  • Taro
  • Breezeblocks
  • Bloodflood
  • Fitzpleasure

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