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Temps have been downright springy as of late. This made for some awesome jibbing, slush bumps, and corn skiing the past week. However be warned that Alta is a predominately North facing mountain. This means that you need to time your day.

Baldy receiving the afternoon sun
Baldy receiving the afternoon sun

Start late, maybe 11am. Then ski the east facing slopes first. maybe start with a backside or some soft Sugarloaf groomers. Then as the sun starts to get higher in the sky and warm up some more slopes switch to the Collins side. Here the main attraction is the abundance of trailside jibs. Runs can be ripped top to bottom with 10-15 lips, hits, and hucks. And don’t forget to throw in a few slush bumps as you come down past the midstation,

Alta at sunset
Alta at sunset

This is definitely the time of year that you want to ski till the end of the day as the conditions are at their prime right as the lifts close. However as soon as the sun dips behind Wildcat and then Superior things stiffen up super fast.


24 hour snowfall: 0”
7 day snowfall: 0″
base: 71″
season snowfall: 254″


It is hard to get your hope up too much when we haven’t had more than a couple real storms in the past 3 months and the last few that have been predicted have fizzled a bit before they made it to UT. However it looks like the is a weak disturbance on track for Monday in to Tuesday. Hopes are not high for a lot of snow but as of now forecasters are calling for 3-6″ this would be a very nice refresher for a hurting snowpack.

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