Alta, UT Report: Fake Snowstorms Are Making It Softer, Smoother, & Funnerer

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Fake snow storms. image: snowbrains

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Report from December 2nd, 2020

The snow guns at Alta are cranking around the clock right now due to very cold temps and a hard-working crew.

Last week, the groomers were getting a touch firm due to no new snow and skiers scrapping them around.

This week, the snow guns are making the runs softer, smoother, and more funnerer.

Pop! image: snowbrains

The groomers were great yesterday – soft, supple, and smooth.

You could even ski right under the guns and hit the freshest fake snow in Utah.

Yesterday was a fun day.

Mt. Superior views. image: snowbrains

We even saw some local kids throwing 360ºs and all over and charging around off-piste on the lower mountain and we were inspired.

We’re looking forward to another cold, smooth day out there today.

It was very fun to hit Suicide Chute on Mt. Superior before Alta today.

Made for a fun double dip.

Tree shadow. image: snowbrains

Snow Numbers:

image: alta, 12/3/20


image: noaa, 12/3/20


Off-piste if you want it. image: snowbrains
Mt. Baldy. image: snowbrains
Spray. image: snowbrains
Suicide Chute off Mt. Superior, UT. image: snowbrains

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