Alta, UT Report: Horribly Terrific Conditions in Main Chute on 11,068′ Mt. Baldy on July 19, 2023

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Report from July 19, 2020

I arrived in Utah after a long absence on Friday and paddle-boarded the Jordanelle Reservoir after 75 ski days in a row in Mammoth and the Eastern Sierra, CA.

I went tubing down the Provo River on Saturday (and got a $140 ticket for no lifejacket…).

Paddleboarding the Jordanelle again on Sunday.

I spent Monday catching up on work.

Tuesday I had 2022 Big Air Olympic Silver Medalist Colby Stevenson on The SnowBrains Podcast.

Yesterday, it was time to ski.

Main Chute. image: snowbrains

My buddy Daryn and I started up Alta in sneakers at 9:30am.

We took the normal Baldy Shoulder route first touching the top of the Wildcat chair then following the trail to the summit.

On the true summit of 11,068′ Mt. Baldy a cornecopia of butterflies and bees flapped and buzzed over brillant purple daisies.

Snowbird and Pipeline. image: snowbrains

I was in awe…

The main reason to venture to the summit was to see if Pipeline Couloir at Snowbird went or not.

It went.


Forget Me Nots? image: snowbrains

We clicked in at the top of Main Chute and the thing looked good.

Clean snow, smooth bumps, a tight choke, and explosive debris saturated the chute.

I wanted to do a follow cam with Daryn and I told him to go as fast as possible.

Daryn. image: snowbrains

Instead, he thought he needed to slow down to allow me to catch up.

I did so then blasted past him as I realized how good the snow was and how fun the ski was going to be.

45-seconds later I was at the bottom of the chute and not even panting.

Suicide Chute on Mt. Superior, UT. image: snowbrains

The snow was that good!

Daryn showed up right behind me and we hit the reverse wiggle with glee.

The final snowfield down to the road skied like a parking lot full of rumble strips.

Paddleboarding the Jordanelle. image: snowbrains

We re-shoed our feet and started the casual walk home.

The flowers were nice.

The whole ordeal took 3 hours and 30 minutes including our jaunt to the butterfly-infested summit.

Floating the Provo. I got a $140 ticket for not wearing a life jacket. Make sure you are wearing it. You don’t have to wear a helmet when driving a motorcycle on the freeway in Utah… image: snowbrains

On our drive home, we examined Suicide Chute and how it was hanging in space.

“Tomorrow,” we said…

Immediately after skiing I went to the doctor and got PRP injected into my knee for the 4th time since February 2022.

Into the knee. image: snowbrains

The first time I got the injections they didn’t do much and I experienced typical arthritis pain and swelling (I have no cartilage nor meniscus left in the lateral compartment of my left knee).

The 2nd time I got the injections they worked and I was completely arthritis free for 7 months. 

Then I did the Eastern Sierra Blackjack Project – 21 new-to-me ski mountaineering lines in the record snowpack of 2023.

My blood. image: snowbrains

Towards the end of the project, we started walking downhill due to a lack of snow.

My knee swelled up 3 times.

I started taking Celebrex (NSAID prescription drug) as a band-aid and it worked.

Yesterday I got PRP in the knee again (I usually get them done every 6 months, but this time I did it again after only 3 months) somewhat prophylactically knowing that I was about to head down to Argentina and Antarctica for 3 months of hard skiing.

Fingers crossed it helps 🙂


Suicide Chute on Mt. Superior, UT. image: snowbrains
Daryn. image: snowbrains
Daryn. image: snowbrains
Daryn. image: snowbrains
Daryn. image: snowbrains
Indian Paintbrush? image: snowbrains
Daryn. image: snowbrains
Alta. image: snowbrains
LCC & SLC. image: snowbrains
Mt. Timpanogos. image: snowbrains
Main Chute. image: snowbrains
Main Chute. image: snowbrains
Mt. Superior. image: snowbrains
Alta. image: snowbrains
Suicide Chute on Mt. Superior, UT. image: snowbrains

LCC. image: snowbrains
LCC. image: snowbrains
Centrifuging my blood… image: snowbrains
PRP injection. image: snowbrains

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