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Main Chute. image: snowbrains

Report from December 2, 2021

Brought to you by Alta Ski Area

Yesterday was our 4th day in a row of hiking up and skiing down Main Chute & High Rustler (Hi-Boy) at Alta.

Both skied great.

Our goal is to ski this combo one more time today before we head up to Revelstoke & British Columbia Tomorrow.

Main Chute is still chalky, smooth, and fast.

Hi-Boy is started to get a bit scratchy and icy in spots but is still smooth, fast, and fun for the most part.

There isn’t much snow in the Lower-48 right now, except for Alta, where there’s a ton of snow and coverage is great.

It was hot at Alta yesterday with the signboard at the base of the Collins Chair claiming 52ºF.

Brandon dropping into Main Chute. image: snowbrains

There was no wind.

Alta ran four chairs yesterday:

  • Collins
  • Wildcat
  • Sunnyside
  • Sugarloaf
View of Mt. Superior from top of Hi-Boy. image: snowbrains

The groomers were great and there was simply no one at the mountain yesterday which kept the groomers smooth and supple.

We’re just about to head back up to Alta right now for day #5 in a row of Main Chute + Hi-Boy and we can’t wait.

Thanks, Alta!

Pipeline at Snowbird. image: snowbrains

Oh, and we ended up at Red Iguana 2 for après-ski… 

So good…

Snow Numbers

image: alta, 12/3/21

Weather Forecast

image: noaa, 12/3/21


Charlie charging up Mt. Baldy. image: snowbrains
Mt. Superior. image: snowbrains
Pfiefferhorn. image: snowbrains
North Timpanogos. image: snowbrains
Devil’s Castle. image: snowbrains
Booting up East Baldy Chutes. image: snowbrains
Sugarloaf. image: snowbrains
Snowbird. image: snowbrains
Devil’s Castle. image: snowbrains
Mt. Timpanogos. image: snowbrains
LLC & SLC. image: snowbrains
Devil’s Castle. image: snowbrains
Mt. Superior. image: snowbrains

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