Alta, UT Report: Sending it on Ski Blades

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Alta Report
John sending it. Image: SnowBrains.

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Report from January 29, 2021

Today at Alta Ski Area, we brought the ski blades out to play in some leftover powder. We got up early, caffeine pumping, ready to shred the morning away. While ski blades may not be the best choice for powder skiing, they are the best choice for maximum fun and goofiness.

Alta Report
Calvin and John about to send a cliff. Image: SnowBrains.

We spent the majority of our day on the Sugarloaf, Supreme, and Sunnyside lifts. Because Sunnyside has most of the “beginner” runs at Alta, we have found that it also has some of the best untouched powder hidden in the trees. We had a blast sending it off powdery cliffs and finding some nice chutes off of Supreme.

Keep praying for snow and don’t forget to have fun!

Alta Report
Cheesing after biffing it. Image: SnowBrains.

Snow Numbers:

Alta Report
Image: Alta, 1/29/21


Alta Report
Image: NOAA, 1/29/21


Alta Report
Ski blade goofin. Image: SnowBrains
Alta Report
John making it out of some deep powder. Image: SnowBrains.
Alta Report
Ski blade send! Image: SnowBrains.
Alta Report
All natural. Image: SnowBrains.

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