Alyeska AK, Conditions Report: Bomber Blue

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Ode to the ‘secret stash’… Ralph Kristopher photo

Frigid temps. fail to cool skiing at Alyeska Resort. Low crowds, scarce clouds, and light-speed lines were earmarks of the mountain today.

Reverse angle up infamous North Face.

North Face, Alyeska’s un-nerving-meets-awesome DBL BLK, was open–top to tram. Northface snowpack was variable (with a Captial ‘V’) but curio wiggles through deep, still-fresh pockets were to be found among the groves and mini-ledges. And, a word to the wise: flat the foot and tuck for speed while racing to meet the Tram. Autobahn (though scenic) is a long, wiggley, and slate tuff commute.

Around Alyeska Resort in-bounds, trail conditions, in general, were ripper fast & cold. Following fall-lines invariably arrived to friendly sluff caches, while bright sunshine stoked warm smiles to banish frostbite.

Whimsy & libation; guaranteed winter warmers.

This is Paulie at Girdwood advising: bundle up, get out, and SKI!


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