Alyeska AK, Conditions Report: Fresh Fun & Occasional Sun

Paulie | | Conditions ReportConditions Report
Reverse psychology at work at Alyeska, AK. Ralph Kristopher photo

The cream of today’s snow crop at Alyeska Resort was found up high.

Recent bouts of high and fluctuating precip. have, in turns, raked and pillowed Mount Alyeska steeps, creating diverse zones of zipper corduroy capped by blaster pow.

Accumulation as only the bannister could tell it.

Outer area, High Traverse is open and beckoning as a jump point to runs marked by deep-spray carves turned tree-pin hot laps as snow gathered light but fat upon Alyeska’s heights. Meanwhile, from mid-mountain downward, the alluring velvet of shoulder piste patches proved ample test for the crafty carver as large-size Death Cookies often lurked underneath.

High T…Alyeska style

Meanwhile, the day’s clouds continued to descend as morning stretched into afternoon but Alyeska faithful still patiently await a hoped-for opening of snow-peppered Northface Tram Pocket and an impending flurry-friendly forecast 

This is Paulie at Girdwood Advising: get out and SKI!

Jan.17 storm cell blanketing Northface’s still yet-to-open Tram Pocket.


Snow Numbers

Current Alyeska-posted figures.



7 Day Outlook

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