Amazing Ski Descent On Aiguille Verte

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Traversing the Nant Blanc. Credit: Planet Mountain

A very steep and technical line was recently skied on the Aiguille Verte. According to Planet Mountain, French alpinists Vivian Bruchez and Paul Bonhomme skied the northeast face of the peak on June 19th. This is a very challenging task and extremely risky.

The line they skied on Nant Blanc. Credit: Planet Mountain

What’s so gnarly about the line? The Aiguille Verte, or also known as Nant Blanc is located on the Mont Blanc massif and is visible from Chamonix. The line is around 1,100 meters (3,609 feet) long, cuts across 55-degree face, and requires 3 rappels on the lower section. Looking at that mountain, it is insane to think someone thought of skiing that kind of line and linking all the patches of snow for a proper descent.

Steep turns on the Aiguille Verte. Credit: Planet Mountain

The line has been described as mystical and rarely skied in a place where people ski everything. Chamonix is a playground for ski-mountaineers and due to the low number of ski descent attempts and the fact that it is probably rarely in, mystical seems fitting. It was first skied in 1989 by Jean-Marc Boivin and Marco Siffredi made the first descent on a snowboard.

Climbing up the Aiguille Verte. Credit: Planet Mountain

Huge congratulations to Vivian and Paul on making some sweet, steep turns!

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  1. Huge congratulations to them, of course !!!!
    And I thank to SnowBrains for such reports – with accurately drawn line of the descent.

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