NOAA: Annual Average Temperature Over the Contiguous USA Has Increased by 1.2ºF in Last Few Decades

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Credit: NOAA

Supported by NOAA, teams of subject matter experts around the country collaborate every four years to assess changes in our climate.

They examine impacts on the environment, economy, infrastructure, agriculture, human health, and many other areas of interest to the public.

“Annual average temperature over the contiguous United States has increased by 1.2ºF (0.7ªC) over the last few decades and by 1.8ºF (1ºC) relative to the beginning of the last century.”

Their assessments are then compiled into a single document, the most recent being the Fourth National Climate Assessment, released last November. This public document, written for a general audience, provides a broad understanding of the state of the climate and its implications.

Dive into the document to find relevant info for your community, state, and region.

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