Apple’s New Easter Egg Will “Let it Snow” on iPhone

Breya Bergom | | BrainsBrains
PC: Apple via Facebook

To celebrate the holidays, Apple has released a festive new easter egg in its iPhones. This year, Apple users can “let it snow” in the Apple Store, giving users a snowy flurry while browsing potential purchases.

This year, users won’t even have to leave the house to see a blizzard. The Easter egg will make digital snowflakes fall from the top of the screen when in the Apple Store. To initiate this entertaining nod to the holidays, users simply need to type “let it snow” into the app store search bar.

Once the snow starts falling, it will continue while users browse the app. Not only that, but when the user shakes the device, the snow replicates a snow globe, with the blizzards swirling around the screen.

Although it isn’t the first time Apple has utilized this easter egg, it doesn’t make it any less entertaining. Users should check out this festive feature!

Apple’s holiday easter egg in their Apple Store. Credit: Author

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