NOAA: April 2020 Outlook – Wetter than Normal for the Whole Country, West Colder and East Warmer Than Normal

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NOAA, April, outlook
April temperature outlook. Credit: NOAA

The final outlook for the month of April from the NOAA anticipates increased chances for a wet month across much of the lower-48 states, while things tilt towards relatively cold conditions across the West and warm conditions for much of the East and South.

For the first two weeks of April expect below normal temperatures across the west, and above normal in the east. As the month progresses, expect colder than normal temperatures across most of the country. Across Alaska, a predicted cold start to April favors below normal temperatures for the month.

NOAA, April, outlook
April precipitation outlook. Credit: NOAA

For precipitation, the first week of April is forecast to be quite wet for portions of central and southern California and the southern Plains, where some locations are predicted to receive more precipitation in one week than the lower limits of what is normal for the month. Models favor above-normal precipitation for northern Alaska and below-normal precipitation for southern mainland
Alaska and the Alaska Panhandle.

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