Are You Enduro?

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Enduro. pc: Sebastian Schieck
Enduro. pc: Sebastian Schieck

The last 10 years in mountain biking have seen some pretty significant changes both in technology and riding style. The word enduro wasn’t ever used to describe mountain bikes, it was strictly a dirt bike thing. But it came from the same idea: a stage race. As bigger wheels become more popular (29″, 27.5) it is becoming easier and easier for average riders to ride almost any trail. 

These days, “enduro” is as common a word in a riders vocabulary as “wheel” or “brake”.

For example: “That trail was so enduro”

Translation: “That was quite a bit of pedaling”

Or, “Let’s go enduro-ing this afternoon, eh?”

Translation: “Lets go for a downhill ride that involves some uphill, huh?

John Tomac. pc: mtbr
John Tomac. pc:

But should I ride with a full face helmet strapped to my backpack? How about goggles? Knee Pads??

This whole enduro thing is so confusing. Can’t I just go pedal up to my favorite DH trail without someone calling it enduro? Why do these goggles look so funny with my xc helmet?

Mountain Bike Fashion. pc:
Mountain Bike Fashion. pc:

Well, technically, in an enduro race you have to wear a full face helmet.

Ok, thats way better. pc:
Ok, that’s way better. pc:

How about this video? He’s on a trail bike with a full face. But hiking up, not pedaling. You be the judge.

Rider: Nick Chmell

Filming by Gimbal Works



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