Aspen Skiing Company Sees Surge in Job Applicants

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Aspen Snowmass
Aspen Mountain & Aspen Highlands. Photo Credit: Aspen Snowmass/Facebook

Hiring shortage? Forget about it.

Aspen Skiing Co. has seen a record number of applicants for jobs this upcoming winter season.

According to Caleb Sample at Aspen Skiing Co., the number of applicants is up 70% from the previous year’s record number.

“They’re chasing us down. People’s drive and desire is much higher. They need a job this time around.” – Caleb Sample, Director of Talent Acquisition at Aspen Skiing Co.

Aspen Skiing Co. is the largest employer in the Roaring Fork Valley, especially in the winter. They typically hire around 1,200 seasonal workers and reach a maximum of 4,200 – 4,500 employees during the peak winter season.

The outlook for hiring for the upcoming winter season wasn’t always so positive. Covid-19 has wreaked havoc on the travel and hospitality industry, and travel restrictions for many countries still remain in place. President Trump also signed an executive order restricting H2-B and J-1 visas for foreign workers, cutting off a key supply of workers ski resorts normally count on for the winter season.

Aspen Snowmass
Highland Bowl, Aspen Highlands. Photo Credit: Aspen Snowmass/Facebook

What could be behind the dramatic increase in job applicants? Unemployment still remains high in the U.S, driving unemployed workers to seek out new employment opportunities, even if they may be overqualified. College students taking a gap year or utilizing an adaptable schedule due to Covid-19 can take advantage of their newfound flexibility. Or maybe you’ve been feeling cooped up the past six months or so and need a change of scenery.

With hiring comes housing needs, and that is still an issue for the company. Aspen Skiing Co. offers 750 – 800 employees housing beds during the winter season. Their newest project employee housing project in Willits won’t be done in time for the start of the season and is only expected to increase capacity by roughly 43 beds.

If you’re needing a job or feeling to itch to get out to the mountains this winter, you can apply online.

Like the great John Muir once said, “The mountains are calling, and I must go.”

Aspen Snowmass
Powder day at Ajax (Aspen Mountain). Photo Credit: Aspen Snowmass/Facebook

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  1. When I go to resorts, I like seeing all the International representation among employees, but it’s nice to know Americans can still get these jobs.

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