Athletes Road To 2018 Winter Olympics Starts & Ends In Mammoth Mountain, CA

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Mammoth Mountain, CA now has the first ever “Progression Bag” on snow. Olympic Athletes training in Mammoth have the advantage with this new technology. Mammoth Mountain Unbound Terrain Parks were named #1 in the 2017 Park Poll by Newschoolers & TransWorld Snowboarding.

“Progression Airbag: Mammoth Mountain’s new “Progression Bag” is the future of training at highest levels of slopestyle freeskiing and snowboarding, and the only one in the world currently used on snow. At 192 ft long and 76 ft wide, it’s one of only three such bags in the world, and allows athletes the chance to attempt tricks in the most realistic training setting possible. Slopestyle phenoms Hailey Langland, Nick Goepper, Brock Crouch, Chris Corning, Anna Gasser, Eric Beauchemin and more spent the spring dialing-in their Olympic tricks on the bag. Once perfected, athletes can then transition to an identical on-snow jump and landing that’s adjacent. The result: a safer and radically sped-up learning curve for big air athletes. And It’s not just Olympians that will benefit, the bag will be available to the public during select camps and training sessions during the 2018 spring season. ” –Mammoth Press Release

Hailey Langland who won Gold in Big Air at the 2017 Winter X Games was trying new tricks on the Progression Air bag in Mammoth this spring.  

“The bag is basically a gigantic bouncy house, material wise. Speaking from my personal experience, the bag is definitely a hit or miss. If you fall on it the right way, you won’t feel a thing. I have literally landed upside down—pretty much on my head—and didn’t feel it. But if the bag is kind of sticky or you fall on it wrong or land a certain way it can whip the living daylight out of you.” -Hailey Langland, TransWorld Snowboarding Article, New Airbag Revolutionizes 2018 Winter Olympic Slopestyle Training

Mammoth Mountain will be the last stop for Olympic Athletes to make the cut for the U.S. Halfpipe and Slopestyle teams. 

This Winter’s Upcoming Schedule for Halfpipe and Slopestyle:

January 10-14, 2018 – Snowmass, CO – Halfpipe and Slopestyle
January 17-21, 2018 – Mammoth Mountain, CA – Halfpipe and Slopestyle “Mammoth Grand Prix”

“Record Winter Sets the Stage for Mammoth Improvements

For Many ‘18 Olympic Hopefuls, the Road to PyeongChang Starts and Ends in Mammoth.


Coming off a 270-day-long season that broke multiple snowfall records, it will be a short off-season in Mammoth Lakes this year, but when the lifts spin again for opening day on November 9th, a number of improvements and new businesses will greet visitors for winter ‘17/18.

As is the case every four years, Mammoth Mountain will be at the center of the run-up to the winter Olympics. Mammoth Mountain’s Unbound Terrain Parks, routinely ranked the best in the world and known among snowboarders and freeskiers for consistent quality and creative progression, will serve as the launching point for a number of Olympic dreams.

Names like Shaun White, Chloe Kim and Kelly Clark, who’ve made Mammoth their home base, will be joined by a host of others looking for similar success and the training edge that the best park in the world provides. The men’s and women’s Olympic Freeski and Snowboard slopestyle and halfpipe teams will also be named at Mammoth following the Mammoth Grand Prix, which will serve as the final Olympic qualifier.

With the Olympics on tap and with so much new in store, there’s a lot to be excited about in the Eastern Sierra, even if we did just put our skis and boards away.


  • US Freeski and Snowboard Grand Prix: The 2018 US Olympic Snowboarding and Freeski teams will be named at Mammoth Mountain, following the 2018 Mammoth Grand Prix, Jan. 17-21. The final event in the Olympic qualifying series, the Grand Prix will see the biggest names in snow sports descending on the Eastern Sierra for one last chance to punch their ticket to PyeongChang.”

-Read the Full Press Release from Mammoth Mountain about On Hill, Off Hill and Town Improvements-

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