Avalanche Buries Car on Carson Spur, CA After Snow Returns to Tahoe Area

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Car buried on Carson Spur Saturday. Credit: Sierra Avalanche Center

On Monday, Sierra Avalanche Center said staff members dug out a partially buried car after a small slide on Carson Spur Sunday. A Center representative says staff were able to dig out the car before Caltrans arrived on the scene. The road was blocked and required a snowblower to clear the roadway.

Small D1/2 avalanche on Carson spur March 1. The car in front of us was partially buried. Able to dig the car out before Caltrans was on scene. Road  blocked and required a snow blower to clear. Trigger point likely on the cliffs above the road cut. No injuries.

Avalanche danger in Lake Tahoe Basin and surrounding areas was rated moderate today. Backcountry visitors should always check weather and avalanche conditions before heading out.

Today’s avalanche forecast. Credit: Sierra Avalanche Center

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