VIDEO: Intense Footage From Rescue of Snowboarder Buried in Avalanche on Snoqualmie Pass, WA

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On February 6th, around 2 pm, there was a snowboarder-triggered D3 sized avalanche in Snoqualmie Pass, WA backcountry. One member of our group was caught by the slide, fully buried, and successfully rescued.

We got together as a group to debrief the incident, watch the footage of the incident and rescue as a group, and talk through all the things we did right and wrong.

While search and rescue were successful and timely, we made several key backcountry mistakes that may have avoided this incident and severely impacted a successful recovery. By sharing this video and our debrief, we hope to empower others with the knowledge and awareness to avoid similar incidents and to be properly prepared.

Please excuse some of the poor audio in interviews; I didn’t realize my mic would pick up nearby construction noise so clearly.

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