B.C. Local Has Skied Every Single Day This Season

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Jay Carter Skiied Every Day
Jay Carter: local Fernie Alpine Resort Skier, business owner, and father. He has skied every day this season. image: todayinbc.com

As ski season is coming to a close, it becomes a tradition to reminisce on all the highlights from throughout the season. This includes the best pow days, epic lines, and, most of all, how many days you were able to get out and enjoy making some turns. Among many avid skiers, the topic of how many days are spent on the hill arises in competition. 

This season a Canadian man from B.C., a Fernie Alpine Resort local, made it his goal to ski every day this season. Jay Carter made it his goal to ski every day of the 2021-2022  ski season to prove a point, that B.C. is the best place to live because of its accessibility to the outdoors. In addition to proving his point, he was excited to make up for the lack of days he wasn’t able to spend on the slopes during the last few seasons. Beginning in December, Carter began his quest to ski every day. With ten days left to go, he hasn’t missed a day yet.

Skiing consecutively for an entire season is a hefty goal for anybody, especially if you’re a business owner and a father like Carter. However, Jay Carter has stayed committed. The idea originally came to him when making a point to his friends that living in B.C. is great because you’re able to ski every day. After an injury and the covid pandemic prevented Carter from skiing as much as he would have liked the past few seasons, he dedicated this season to getting out there as much as he could. Which ended up being every day. 

As the season comes to a close, Carter’s consecutive day count is at 147 days spent making at least one turn. While every day wasn’t a full expedition filled with epic lines, to him it was just getting out there for a few laps enjoying the sport before heading to work. He found gratitude every day for being able to get up and start the day by ripping a few laps at his home resort. 

“I know I can get up Bear [Chair], do two laps, and still be here at 10 to open the store,” Carter explained

Not only has Carter been able to enjoy the sport he loves every day this season, but he cultivated a small following on Facebook from his “daily chairlift updates.” It has become quite popular as people look forward to hearing from him each day. 

While skiing every single day of the season may seem a bit excessive, Carter did prove his point that drove the whole goal this season. With dedication and a strong will, being able to enjoy your hobbies while still upholding everyday commitments and responsibilities can be possible. Even if it’s just a few laps in the morning, every moment spent in the mountains is special. It’s important to enjoy life and the things that make you happy. 

Local's goal to ski every day
Skiing Fernie Alpine Resort; image: tourismfernie.com

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  1. I’m in Fernie, as is Jay, and you should talk to my neighbor who skis all day, everyday, it’s crazy.
    He’s been doing it for years.
    Fernie has a tracker in it’s app and he records his tracks.
    He, is a machine!

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