Bariloche, Argentina Report: Are Spread Eagles in Tight Trees A Good Idea?

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Report from September 11, 2023

On Sunday, the snow in Bariloche, Argentina was hot, crusty, and bad.


In my ultra-dramatic human standard of being, I wrote the rest of the season off as hot, funky, and weird.

Nuking snow up top. image: snowbrains

A warm, rainy storm was rolling in that day and the forecast was hot, wet garbage.

That night, I kept my eye on the webcams of the upper mountain of Cerro Catedral ski resort.

It was dumping up there.

Life is good when the creek looks like this. image: snowbrains

I mean, really nuking snow.

And it was colder than it was supposed to be…

This all added up to one thing: possible great tree skiing in the morning.

Snowdonia. image: snowbrains

We got up and out early on Monday morning and nuzzled our noses into the old Lenga forests first.

The snow was dense and you could still feel the bottom, but it was glorious compared to what I’d expected.

So much of life is just that, huh?

Fairy forest trees. image: snowbrains

Expectations vs. reality.

The conditions greatly exceeded my expectation and anytime that happens, life simply feels grand.

Thanks, Patagonia!

These trees are my happy place…

Snow Numbers

image: catedral, 9/13/23


image:, 9/13/23


Cable Carril. image: snowbrains
Upper mountain trees. image: snowbrains
No tailsliding! image: snowbrains
Snowy Sextuple. image: snowbrains
Lazy gringos… image: snowbrains

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