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Creamy tracks. image: snowbrains

Report from August 11th, 12th, 13th

Brought to you by Cerro Catedral

by Greggy

Sunday was a good, but not great day inbounds – but what happens here inbounds seems to rarely have much bearing on what the snow is doing in the backcountry – and with cold temps holding even at low elevations we had high hopes for Monday. 

We got to the mountain early and headed out to the backcountry. When we got to our first line we could see that the conditions were ideal. The wind had buffed everything smooth and then about 3 inches of powdery perfect powder blanketed the whole valley; crucially without any wind.
Jaime ripping it. image: snowbrains

We dropped in to the steepest part of the chute, after doing some minimal sluff management we were able to just absolutely send the rest of the chute – and the snow was so good that we skied all the way to the bottom of the valley. Our ecstatic screaming echoed off the empty valley walls.

We quickly transitioned and started to wind our way up a virgin slope to our next objective. Once at the top we were a bit less ecstatic to find bad vis and not too much promise of clearing clouds. We waited for some better but not great vis and sent a more conservative line. The snow was a dream so we regrouped and decided to ski a lower spine almost down to treeline.

Stunning. image: snowbrains

Once down, and after a little snack we saw the clouds clearing to an absolutely pristine day. We took advantage and decided to do another lap. With better vis we absolutely attacked the spine at the bottom – huge smiles the whole way down, struggling for air at the bottom.

We were physically wasted but so pumped up with adrenaline that we decided to go back for a third shorter and mellower run – it was just as good as everything else out there, mellow virgin pow turns to mellow out the day. The skin out was a bit tricky in spots but we were so high from the day that it hardly mattered.

Tea time. image: snowbrains
This is the kind of day you dream of out here and we ended up having our longest day in Patagonia ever. We went to bed extremely satisfied and excited to do it again the next day but a bit worse for the wear physically.
After punching through the low hanging clouds on Tuesday, it was more of the same, clear skies, cold temps and fresh lines. Unusually the wind didn’t pick up at night leaving the same ideal snow blanket on the lines that we hadn’t skied yet. The big difference is we were moving quite a bit slower – our muscles super sore from the day before. We skied a long wide line into the zone then went back to the same zone as the day before to harvest the rest of the snowfields – the skin out was tough again but relatively uneventful. We went home with full hearts and empty tanks.
Misty vista. image: snowbrains


image: catedral, 8/15/19


image:, 8/15/19

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