10 of the Best Bike Parks in North America:

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Perfect berm at Whistler
The perfect berm at Whistler

Resorts are closing, snow is melting, and the sun is coming out, which means it’s almost time to get that adrenaline fix on bikes instead of boards. Finally, biking season is upon us, so we have compiled a list of the best mountain bike parks in North America to help satisfy your gravity-fueled adventures this summer season.

Alyeska, AK

Alyeska, AK
Alyeska, AK

Over the last few seasons, Alyeska has really upped the ante in their own bike park game, going from one lift servicing 500 vertical feet and three trails to three lifts accessing over 15 trails and 2,500 vertical feet. Not to mention it’s in Alaska, possibly one of the largest untapped biking zones in North America. High alpine biking with views of the ocean and the midnight sun, Alaska might be the next big biking destination.

  • Vertical: 2,500′ / 760m
  • Go To Trail: Blueberry Pancake 202

Whistler Bike Park, BC

Whistler Bike Park
Whistler Bike Park

Whistler Bike Park is arguably the best bike park found in North America. Now into its 24th year, Whistler is nestled in the Coast Mountains of British Colombia, its location is key to its incredible biking, and a vertical drop of 5,000′ isn’t half bad either. Whistler and the surrounding region is the Mecca for biking; with long descents, tacky dirt, and a mix of high alpine and rain forest, this should be a destination for every serious mountain biker.

  • Vertical: 5,280′ / 1609m
  • Go To Trails: A-Line, Crank it Up

Kicking Horse, BC

High Alpine, Kicking Horse, BC
High Alpine, Kicking Horse, BC

While the west coast of British Columbia is often touted for its incredible mountain biking, eastern BC harbors some pretty good options. Kicking Horse is known for its empty mountain in the winter, and the summer is no different; any given day, you can almost have the bike park all to yourself. With long descents, sweeping views, and even a bear refuge smack dab in the middle of the park, Kicking Horse is certainly a must-hit.

  • Vertical: 4,133′ / 1260m
  • Go To Trail: Rock Garden

Northstar, CA

Northstar, California
Northstar, California

Located within the Lake Tahoe Basin in California’s Sierra Nevada, Northstar is the go-to place for lift-serviced downhill biking in Northern California and Nevada. The multitude of trails on the mountain often inter-connect with various cross-country trails that allow you to leave the resort and explore the slew of scenic trails in the Lake Tahoe area. Northstar offers the largest and most diverse selection of trails in Northern California.

  • Vertical: 2,280′ / 695m
  • Go To Trails: Livewire, Boondocks

Mammoth, CA

Mammoth, CA
Mammoth, CA

Mammoth California is the biggest bike park in the west, with over eighty miles of cross-country and downhill trails. Located in the Eastern Sierra in Southern California, Mammoth offers miles of trail through the vast Sierra Nevada Mountains. Three years ago, Mammoth allowed the use of E-MTBs on their trails for the first time, the first major bike park in the USA to do so.

  • Vertical: 3,100′ / 945m
  • Go To Trail: Skid Marks

Trestle (Winter Park), CO

Trestle, CO
Trestle, CO

Being the fastest-growing bike park in North America, ‘Mountain Bike Capital USA’ Trestle bike park in Winter Park, Colorado, is an up-and-coming contender to the likes of Whistler and Mammoth. With annual events like the Colorado Freeride Festival and an ever-expanding trail system and features, Trestle is making a name for itself in the bike park world.

  • Vertical: 2,000′ / 610m
  • Go To Trail: Rainmaker

Killington, VT

Gravity East Series in Killington Photo: Decline Magazine
Gravity East Series in Killington Photo: Decline Magazine

Killington, Vermont, is the East Coast’s destination for lift-serviced biking. With over 45 miles of trail spread across five mountains, Killington is known as “The Beast of The East.” Over the last few seasons, Killington has made many improvements and recently gained the title of a “Kona Groove Approved Bike Park.”

  • Vertical: 3,050′ / 6930m 
  • Go To Trail: Scarecrow 

Keystone, CO

Keystone, CO
Keystone, CO. Photo: Decline Magazine

When it comes to mountain biking in Colorado, Keystone is the place to be. With over one hundred miles of single track and over fifty trails, Keystone delivers. Located in Summit County, about two hours outside of Denver, you’re most likely not going to be alone, but with so many options on the mountain, you’ll never even notice.

  • Vertical: 2,360′ / 720m
  • Go To Trail: TNT, Drop Zone

Angel Fire, NM

Angel Fire, NM
Angel Fire, NM

Angel Fire bike park in New Mexico offers many trails high in the southern Rockies. Being in the high Rockies of New Mexico, the riding differs slightly as the desert-like environment offers looser dirt and very different geology.

  • Vertical: 2,077′ / 633m 
  • Go To Trail: Chutes & Ladders 

 Mont Sainte-Anne, Quebec

Mont Sainte-Anne, Quebec
Mont Sainte-Anne, Quebec

Offering the largest network of trails in Eastern Canada, Mont Sainte-Anne is the mecca for biking in Eastern Canada. Over 25km of downhill trails and well over 120km of cross-country trails, the extensive network of trails is enough to satisfy any biker.

  • Vertical: 2,000′ / 610m 
  • Go To Trail: 1837

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56 thoughts on “10 of the Best Bike Parks in North America:

  1. Valmont Bike Park is located in Boulder, Colorado, United States. It is a smaller bike park than Whistler, but it still has a lot to offer. If you’re new to the world of fitness and looking to challenge yourself, With a focus on building endurance, and improving swimming, cycling, and running skills, this comprehensive program prepares beginners for their first triathlon event. might be just the thing for you https://triworldhub.com/

  2. Valmont Bike Park is located in Boulder, Colorado, United States. It is a smaller bike park than Whistler, but it still has a lot to offer. If you’re new to the world of fitness and looking to challenge yourself, https://triworldhub.com/ might be just the thing for you. With a focus on building endurance, and improving swimming, cycling, and running skills, this comprehensive program prepares beginners for their first triathlon event. Valmont has over 50 trails for all skill levels, and it also has a variety of amenities, such as lift-service, bike rentals, and shops. Valmont Bike Park is a great place to go for a day trip or a weekend getaway.

  3. Northstar has chunk and technical runs. Mammoth is more buffed XC and DH lines are moondust, no real soil, nothing very technical. Also, mammoth charges you to ride their trails even if you ain’t riding the lifts! N* you can ride w/o lifts for free.

  4. Thanks Jesse, Great List! Not everyone understands that every park can’t make the list and there are personal preferences for where we rank the parks. Good Job. This helps me make my bucket list.

  5. Northstar is just outside the Tahoe Basin (it would have been better to describe it as just N of Lake Tahoe) and Mammoth is not in So Cal (it’s at same latitude as San Mateo). Is the rest of the article as inaccurate?

  6. How is Northstar #3? Terrible dust and loose rocks. Highland and Trestle for sure should be ranked above it

  7. Certainly Mammoth is above Northstar. Angel Fire is also pulling their weight with an amazing lineup, early startup, high altitude, and great location!

    1. Thanks for letting millions of know how wrong we are. It sounds like you’re totally pro at MTB.

  8. Have you ever been to the Evolution Bike Park in Crested Butte, Colorado? If not, we welcome you to come try it. I think it’ll rank on next year’s list for sure!

  9. Since I live by Tahoe, Northstar and Mammoth have been my favorites for many years. With Mammoth hosting the Kamikaze Games September, and Northstar hosting their Thursday Night xc series, I have my work cut out for me again this summer…..

  10. Where’s Snowshoe!? The place is awesome. Has like 5+ races there per season. Lots of elevation. Jump Line. Two lifts. The place is so much fun!

  11. Yeah Highland should be in there. Just a wild amount of trails, jump lines, indoor parks, clinics, camps, bag jumps for a 600 vert hill.

  12. There is a place in New Hampshire called Highland Bike Park that is supposed to be dope too.

    1. Definitely agree on the highland bike park mention, definitely better then Killington or choppy, rocky angel fire(waaaay over rated) Not big on keystone either since it was kind of chunky.

      Here are my top 3:
      1. Whistler
      2. Trestle
      3. Highland

        1. Killington kinda sucks. Definitely a bike park that a ski mountain made rather than cyclists. Highland is far superior in my opinion.

          1. Sorry but Killington is better than Highland in almost every way. If Highland added another 1,000 ft of vert and installed some real lifts they might stand a chance. Not knocking Highland – doing the best they can with what they have – but no way it tops Killington.

  13. Mammoth could be ranked above Northstar in my opinion.. Their trail crew has stepped it up these last few years, twilight zone is definitely the best trail on the hill. They import dirt, too

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