Reckon You Could ‘Make Like James Bond’ and Escape from a Locked Cable Car? Val Thorens, France Opens World’s Highest Escape Room

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cable car, escape room, val thrones, france, alps
As the sun sets in Val Thorens this spring people are trying to escape from the Cime Caron cable car Credit: Val Thorens Facebook

Being trapped in a cable car cabin suspended high above a mountain in a ski resort with just one hour to get out sounds more like a scene out of James Bond than a lovely day out, reports the Telegraph.

cable car, escape room, val thrones, france, alps
Bond, James Bond. Cable car escapology made to look easy…

But that hasn’t stopped Europe’s highest ski resort, Val Thorens in France, from opening its latest attraction, Escape Game Caron.

cable car, escape room, val thrones, france, alps
Teams have just one hour to crack the clues. Credit: Val Thorens Facebook

Inspired by the rising popularity of Escape Rooms, the concept that requires players to solve a series of clues in order to escape a themed scenario, Escape Game Caron takes place in the resort’s 150-person Cime Caron cable car, which transports skiers and snowboarders to the Cime Caron summit at 10,500ft.

cable car, escape room, val thrones, france, alps
A tour of the lift station gives hints to clues. Credit: Val Thorens Facebook

Before players are locked into their moving prison, they are taken on a guided tour of the Cime Caron lift station, including the engine room, and look back at the resort’s heritage with an expert guide. But it’s not just any regular history tour, the information learned could provide vital clues to aiding an escape.

Once they’ve done their revision players are locked inside one of the cabins and have one hour to solve a number of puzzles in order to escape, these include working out lock combinations and clues to open safes.

cable car, escape room, val thrones, france, alps
Val Thorens, Europe’s highest ski resort. Credit: REGESHA – STOCK.ADOBE.COM

Once the game is over, whether successful or not the team is released to the safety of the lift station and rides back to the resort village on a snowcat – no clambering on the roof of the cabin or overnight stays required. The prize for escaping? Good old bragging rights.

The new attraction is open for a limited time to mark the end of the 2017/18 ski season. The first session took place on March 27 and the game will be running until May 8, when Val Thorens closes for the winter. Sessions are free but must be booked in advance at the tourist office.

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