Californian 14er Women’s Speed Record Smashed by Colorado Gal

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Andrea Sansone, record, speed, california, 14ers
Andrea Sansone completing her speed record. Credit: instagram

Colorado resident Andrea Sansone smashed a record that has stood for over ten years when she recently completed all fifteen Californian 14ers in 7 days, 11 hours and 22 minutes. She broke Jacqueline Florine’s previous women’s record of 9 days, 12 hours and 17 minutes by more than 2 days, a record which has stood since 2006.

shasta, California, 14er
Mount Shasta, the final peak in the record breaking speed time. Credit:

Andrea joined forces with another record holder, Andrew Hamilton, who holds the current Colorado 14er speed record and the Nolans 14 record. After finishing on the summit of Mount Shasta, Andrea had this to say:

I have experienced more pain, suffering and fear in these mountains than I ever had before, and yet at the same time, I feel a great sense of accomplishment for persevering despite several injuries that made me want to quit.

California 14ers, record, speed, garmin, gps
Route taken by Andrea Sansone on way to speed record. Credit:

As well as setting the California speed record, Andrea became the first woman to complete all 15 California 14ers in a push and one of a select handful to complete all 74 contiguous United States 14ers. On completing the climb, Andrew said:

Our reward? Nothing but smoke. We literally hiked up 7000 feet in thick smoke from a forest fire. So…not much of a view up here today.

The 15 California 14ers:

  • Mount Whitney 14,497 feet
  • Mount Williamson 14,375 feet
  • White Mountain Peak 14,246 feet
  • North Palisade 14,242 feet
  • Starlight Peak 14,220 feet
  • Mount Shasta 14,162 feet
  • Mount Sill 14,153 feet
  • Polemonium Peak 14,100 feet
  • Mount Russell 14,088 feet
  • Split Mountain 14,058 feet
  • Mount Langley 14,026 feet
  • Mount Tyndall 14,018 feet
  • Middle Palisade 14,012 feet
  • Mount Muir 14,012 feet
  • Thunderbolt Peak 14,003 feet

A complete GPS track for the attempt is available at

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4 thoughts on “Californian 14er Women’s Speed Record Smashed by Colorado Gal

  1. Andrew no longer holds the record for Nolan’s 14. Iker Karrera from Spain set a new record only a couple of weeks ago.

  2. Should be noted that this is the women’s record, the actual record is just over 62 hours, this is snail’s pace compared to that

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