Whistler Bike Park Update: Changes for A-Line

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A-Line at Whistler.  photo: denverbomb.com
A-Line at Whistler in 2004. photo: denverbomb.com

Whistlers Mountain Bike Park‘s most iconic starship trail, A-Line, will be closed for a few days for a rebuff. The trail crew will also be adding some new sections to the trail expected to be ready for mid June. The new trail sections which will add 4 to 6 features to A-Line bringing a drastic change and lengthening the already amazing trail.

A-Line rebuff. Photo: Whistlerbike.com
A-Line rebuff. Photo: Whistlerbike.com

Brian Finestone, bike park manager, said that the new change will add hundreds of meters to the trail making for a longer, more fun A-Line. Those familiar with the trail are familiar with the current shale riddled straight away on Lower A-Line which can be fun but can also burn the arms and leave you wanting more than a few hundred meters of straight away. A new section is planned to replace this straight away to keep the classic A-Line flow rolling with new jumps and smooth rolling dirt.

Steve Smith Riding A-Line
Steve Smith riding A-Line during the Crankworx Air DH. Photo: Michael Overbeck

With the new changes, Steve Smith will forever hold the record time on the old A-Line in the Crankworx Air DH race. Could the new trail put the 2013 Air DH winning on the podium with the fastest time? Time will tell.

Stay tuned on CycleBrains for an update on the completed new A-Line section later this season!

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