Three Climbers Killed by an Avalanche on Iconic Alpamayo in the Andes

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Alpamayo. Credit: summitpost

Three mountaineers, a Peruvian, a British and a Slovenian died as a result of an avalanche when they were trying to reach the summit of Alpamayo, in the Andes reported the High Mountain Division’s rescue unit of the National Police. The three were buried by the deadly avalanche on Saturday 30th June.

The rescue teams were able to locate the bodies of the climbers yesterday, Tuesday and began work to move the bodies to the municipality of Caraz, the closest to the snowy peak. They have been identified as Samuel Paul Richard Blelock from England, 27-year-old Eva Zontar of Litija, Slovenia, and Peruvian Guide Jamie Quintana Figueroa.

Alpamayo is considered one of the most beautiful peaks of the Andes making it a popular destination for mountaineers seeking to reach its peak, at just under 20,000-feet. The peak, inside the Huascarán National Park, is part of the Cordillera Blanca range, home to some of the highest mountains in Peru and the largest system of tropical glaciers in the world, which are sadly shrinking due to global warming.

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5 thoughts on “Three Climbers Killed by an Avalanche on Iconic Alpamayo in the Andes

  1. Hi AvyBrains,

    Thanks for your article, but I hope you can make some edits for accuracy. Alpamayo is probably not the mountain in the Paramount Pictures logo, although some have rumored so. Also, the side of the mountain you have depicted was not the side they were climbing (SW) as the avalanche occurred. Do you have recent pictures of the climbers themselves? I am sure that we met at least one of these climbers while trekking in the area just before. They were really nice folks.

    Thanks! No need to post my comment unless you want to.

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    1. Hey Graham, you’re right. Paramount pics is Artesonraju. My bad. Will change.

      Ah, yes, the photo of the mountain is stock. It wasn’t reported which side of the mountain they were on.

      Please tell us more about your encounter with these mountaineers, Graham.

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    2. One was my brother, Paul Samuel, British 55 years, we only managed to say goodbye to him last Friday. Heartbroken and trying to find out ANY information? Can anyone help? Claire

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