Cloudmont – Alabama’s Ski Resort

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Alabama Ski
Cloudmont, the most southeastern ski area in the United States. Photo Credit: Visit Lookout Mountain

Yes, Alabama has a ski resort. The second most southern resort in the United States (Behind Arizona’s Mount Lemmon Ski Valley), Cloudmont offers 150 vertical feet over a spread of 800 acres. Located on Lookout Mountain, the resort reaches an elevation of 1,800 feet.

As you might’ve guessed, the snow is almost entirely man-made. Winters in the mountains of northern Alabama are very bipolar, with average winter daytime temperatures reaching above 50 degrees. However, the average nighttime temperatures can consistently drop down to the mid-20s, enabling decent snowmaking opportunities.

Alabama Ski
Warm temperatures can quickly close the ski area, but cold snaps can easily build up a formidable base. Photo Credit: Bob Miller, WSJ

According to RootsRated, the resort relies on eight snowmaking machines that require temperatures in the mid-20s, along with low levels of humidity. These snow-machines create a base that can range from 3-10 feet, depending on the winter. However, extended conditions of warm weather can quickly end the resort’s season. Skiing is typically open from December 15th to March 15th.

The resort offers two 1,000 foot slopes accessed by two rope-tows. Judging from pictures, the resort’s claim of 800 acres seems quite generous, but if you’re skiing, you’re skiing. Cloudmont won’t ever live up to the famed resorts of the West and Northeast, but the fact skiing exists in the deep south is remarkable and shouldn’t be taken for granted.

Alabama Ski
Night skiing is also available at Cloudmont. Photo Credit: PB&J Adventures

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