Conditions Report: Opening Weekend at Squaw Valley, CA

Tanner Blake | | Conditions ReportConditions Report
There's snow at Squaw Valley
Squaw Valley is open for skiing! – PC: Tanner Blake

Squaw Valley opened this last Friday. I went there on Saturday to check it out.

Everyone was skiing on this patch of snow
There was only beginner terrain open, but that didn’t stop people from having fun – PC: Tanner Blake

Despite the limited terrain, everyone was stoked to be back on the snow. There was only a beginner run open, and you could only go up the First Venture chairlift or the Tucker Carpet, but it was still a good time. After a whole summer away from snowboarding, this little run was just enough.

The mountains are still dry, aside from artificial snow
No natural snow in sight, but at least we were able to ski – PC: Tanner Blake

The snow was all artificial, as to be expected. So that wasn’t ideal. I definitely washed out a few times while goofing around, and the snow was pretty firm and unforgiving. But still, I’d rather snowboard on funky man-made snow than nothing at all.

There's artificial snow on Red Dog
Red Dog looks like it might be ready to go soon – PC: Tanner Blake

Red Dog wasn’t open, but it was rad to see how much snow they’ve been able to make on the run. 

Alpine Meadows also opened on Friday. That might’ve been the place to be. Kangaroo Chair was opened over there, which has a longer run than First Venture, so there’s a bit more potential for real skiing.

The bottom line: the snow is all artificial so it’s a little funky, and the terrain is really limited, but if you want to get a few runs in to get your legs ready for the real season, its perfect.

Squaw Valley Alpine Meadows is just one of 38 iconic destinations available on the Ikon Pass.

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