Corbet’s Cabin Is BURIED In Snow | 651″ of Snow This Winter At JHMR

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Corbet’s Cabin is covered in snow. Image: Eric/JHMR

Jackson Hole Mountain Resort Press Release:

Author: Eric

In two and a half weeks the Jackson Hole Aerial Tram will open for the summer season. It’s still snowing up high and the snowpack keeps getting bigger. We now have received 651”, that’s 54.25 FEET, of snow for the season in Rendezvous Bowl. The snowpack depth is still 163” which is 2” off the deepest recorded snowpack ever in the bowl.

The snow is at the same level as the roof. Image: Eric/JHMR

We headed up the Aerial Tram with tram mechanics Mike Vase and Mark Hannon to take a look at Corbet’s Cabin and get the snowcat running. We found Corbet’s Cabin almost completely buried. The porch is full from the railing to the over the doors and you can walk right onto the roof.

Beautiful views from the tram. Image: Eric/JHMR

A huge shout out to the Buildings and Areas crew for keeping Corbet’s Cabin dug out all season long. They will be back at it getting the Cabin ready for opening day on the 20th of May. Waffles, snowballs and shredding will last into the “summer season.”

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