Crash of the Week: Bull Sends Guy in Bubble Suit Flying…

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We’ve only got one word to sum up this video:  ‘Murica!

We saw this and couldn’t believe that people would do this…


No.  It doesn’t look like he was ok…  Looked like he got knocked out or at least shook up something fierce.

“A US rodeo has invented what could be the world’s most insane game with an enraged bull, a giant football and crazy competitors locked in an enclosed pen.
Officials at the Waconia Minnesota Professional Rodeo have taken the concept of bizarre sports to a whole new level after introducing an enraged bull, a giant football and a couple of loony competitors to each other in an enclosed pen.
Encased in half-size Zorb balls – a giant inflatable plastic ball – the competitors chase after the oversized football.
But then the gates open and the game really spices up as one angry, hard-running bull is introduced to the play.
From there it’s anyone’s guess what the rules are or even if anyone is keeping score!” – Jupiter Buzh

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