Crested Butte, CO Conditions Report: A Different Kind of Face Shot

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The video above is from Crested Butte, showing a particularly poor snowpack for this time of year!

crested butte, low snowpack, face shot, video
Not the face shot you want. Mask required… Credit: 14erskiers

It’s no secret that Colorado is hurting this year, with snowpack way below average right across the state. In fact, in some areas, the snowpack is at the lowest levels on record, and average temperatures across the state are the warmest on record.

colorado, snowpack, below average, record low
Current snowpack v average across Colorado. Credit: NRCS

Crested Butte currently has a base of 37″ and has 75% of their terrain open. There is some good news though. If the forecast is correct, there is some snow in the forecast this week to hopefully make a difference and enable them to open more terrain.

crested butte, forecast, low snowpack
The forecast is looking good for Crested Butte. Credit: NOAA

Hopefully, there’s a powder day so we can get the less painful face shots we’re used to!

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