Crews Are Currently Working To Clear The Snow-Covered Mt. Washington Auto-Road, NH

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Crews that are working to clear the Mt. Washington Auto-Road, NH have their work cut out for them this season.

They’re working to open the road to summer traffic by Memorial Day Weekend.

It typically takes a month or so to clear the 7.6 mile stretch of road.

Crews typically encounter snow drifts that are 20+ feet deep and this season’s no different.

Road clearing on April 23rd, 2019. Image: Mt. Washington Auto Road

Last week, crews took on the most difficult section of the clearing process.

The Cragway section, which is where the most snow accumulates. After that, they pushed onto the sixth mile of road.

At this point, crews are waiting for mother nature to do her part and chip away at the snow. They’re managing runoff and tackling repairs as they come about.

For up-to-date conditions on the road, make sure to check out the Mt. Washington Auto-Road website.

Clearing the road today. Image: Mt. Washington Auto Road

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